Kennet and Avon Woodturning Club Covid-19 risk assessment If you show any symptoms of Covid-19, no matter how slight, members are requested not to attend. You can find out the symptoms by visiting the NHS website. Notes. Additional control measures 1. All members will be sent a copy of these control measures before the first meeting back in the hall. 2. It is the members’ responsibility to read and understand these control measures. 3. Members will still observe safety protocols as laid down by the hall committee or the government which are in place at that time. 4. Although the wearing of masks is voluntary members are advised that wearing masks in the hall is still the safest thing to do. 5. Doors and windows will be opened to allow adequate ventilation during the meeting. 6. Tea breaks to be better choreographed than before. See separate notes. 7. Members are encouraged to observe good hand hygiene and to make use of the hand sanitising products available. 8. A barrier will be set up separating the demonstrator from the audience to prevent the demonstrator from being “swamped” by audience members. Questions should be asked from the seats. 9. To facilitate a better view of the demonstrations camera operators will be trained to show best views and close ups. 10. To help prevent the spread of Covid-19 through vapours the demonstrators will use a lapel microphone rather than a boom type mic held in front of the mouth. 11. Club members are asked not to handle any of the tools or equipment that the demonstrators are using. 12. After cleaning up at the end of the night those handling cleaning tools will sanitise their hands on completion. 13. In an attempt to reduce the possibility of passing on an infection members are requested to only use one chair per evening. 14. During show and tell members are requested not to handle other members work. 15. As the virus only lives for up to 5 days on smooth surfaces there will be no need to “sanitise” the club equipment unless it will be in use again before that period has passed. 16. Any member may raise relevant health and safety concerns to committee members for inclusion in this risk assessment. Tea breaks 1. 2 club members will be responsible for setting up for tea breaks. 2. They will observe hand hygiene protocols at all times. 3. All of the cups, mugs and spoons that will be needed will be washed up in hot water with detergent and dried before use. 4. Biscuits and sausage rolls will not be provided. 5. All cups and mugs will be left on the side after use and washed up in hot water and detergent and dried by designated members before storing them away. 6. Access to the kitchen area will be by designated people only. 7. The kitchen area will be cleaned at the end of the night. 8. Club members will be encouraged to queue in a sensible manner (as conducive with the current situation). 9. If weather permits tea breaks should be taken outside to avoid crowding. Risk assessment compiled by John R Boyne-Aitken 20 Jul 21 All information used in the compilation of this risk assessment was taken from the NHS or Government websites and is correct at the date of writing.

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Club members and visitors to the club and all other hall users. Many of the club members are in the at risk category.
Those conducive with the contraction of Covid-19.
Those set by the hall hiring committee
See attached notes
All club members attending club events in the hall. All guests of the club
At all times during club events
People who may be hard
Type of injury possible
Existing controls
Additional control measures
Actioned by
Action when