If any member wishes to sell unwanted equipment, or is in the need to purchase equipment, please send an

email to The Webmaster, Kevin Smith, at webmaster@kaawc.co.uk. He can then publish your requirements on

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PLEASE NOTE: If a sale or purchase is made from a listing on this page, The K&AWC will have no involvement whatsoever, apart from the original listing. The person requesting such a listing will agree for their name and contact details to be published alongside their request and they are to deal directly with any seller / purchaser.
Alan Reed recently sent me this detail: A friend of mine is giving up turning and would like to sell some items. UNION JUBILEE LATHE, 4 foot bed, £500 Approximately a dozen turning tools, £40 MUNTICO MORTISER with spare 3ph motor, £350 If anyone is interested Alan will put them in touch with the owner for further details Tel: 07980 927057 or 01249 653512
FOR SALE (Posted 18th October at 08:55 hrs)
FOR SALE (Posted 1st December 2021 at 12:00hrs)
(This content was supplied by Tim Awmack and is a direct copy of the detail supplled to the Webmaster)
NEW TOOLS Here is a great tip if you are looking to buy a new 'tool' The business was setup and is run by a Turner called Glenn Teagle. I came across him a couple of years ago because I wanted to buy both a round and a square tipped Carbide Tool. His website is www.ukwoodcraftandcarbidechisels.co.uk His prices are amazing for the quality of tools he provides. I have just received his 'Detail 90' Carbide cutter which cost £32.00 which includes..£7.20 Royal Mail signed for delivery! The tool is 21inches long, with the 14mm carbide cutter mounted on a 12mm square bar. His service is virtually next day, and is just a really 'gen' bloke. If anyone wants to look at the tools, drop me an email to treasurer@kaawc.co.uk and I will bring them to a monthly meeting. He really does make the big brand name guys prices look 'out of touch'
A former member of the club has just turned 90 and is hanging up his tools. I think his lathe has already gone but he has a table saw, pillar drill and bandsaw that he wishes to sell and wants to try the club website. The table saw is a Scheppach: 2 inches max cut height and the table is 45 * 60 cms with a side extension and the panel extension goes out to 150cms. Asking price £300 The bandsaw is a SIP machine, with a 12 inch throat and a 7.5 inch max height for cutting. 2 speed. This is a SIP 01489 machine whic h currently sells new online for £560+. Asking price is only £75. The pillar drill is a Perform drill. Overall height about 65cms and the drop height on the drill is 8 inches. Multi-speed. Asking Price is £50. Contact our Club Secretary on 01380 727426 if interested.
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