November/December 2021 Competition
The competition this year is to make a wig stand. This to help a children’s cancer charity, Little Princess Trust. The aim is that all the stands will go to the Trust to help those children who have lost their hair (hopefully temporarily) look after their wigs. To encourage members to take part, (not that any of you need encouragement) there will be a 1st prize of £50 in cash and a 2nd of £25 of Yandle’s vouchers. John has kindly produced some photos of a completed stand and pictures to help you on your way. When you open the link, you will see a photo of one he has made. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK
Dimensions. The head should be between 4.5-6 inches in diameter. The overall height should be about 13 inches high. This is short enough to allow those with a shortish lathe bed to make a stem suitably long. If anyone with a longer bed want to make one a bit taller, that will be good. I will forward an email from Kevin who has some attachments that might help connecting the 3 parts. The wig will not "fit" the stand: it is merely draped over to hold its form. The wig’s length will be matched to the height of the stand and not the other way around. As far as finish goes, they are perhaps best left sanded (you need to make sure they are really smooth especially on edges to avoid snagging with the hair) and bare as oil, wax polish etc will wear off onto the wigs and paint is not a good option long term. A melamine lacquer is OK. Wigs are bonded onto a material than can be abrasive against finishes. Traditional ones used when wigs were fashionable were in woods such as mahogany, rosewood etc, not applicable now but sapele is a good alternative. Woods that can chip such as oak and ash are OK bit not ideal. Sycamore, maple are good. But these are only suggestions. John will talk a bit about making them during his demonstration on Thursday. Also all the information you need will be on the club website. I hope very much that everyone will take part. The basic object is quite simple, but you can make a big difference in the design to make it look more attractive.